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Middle Easst Oil Hedge Report is PetrolBeat.com’s daily analysis of petroleum prices in the market

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Based in Dubai, PetrolBeat.com helps petroleum traders manage and hedge their risk of trade.

For the past decade we have been helping many oil traders use derivative markets to hedge against price risk. We also provide industry news, from the heart of Dubai, which will help take out commercial and political risks.

We have been publishing the daily flagship report, "Middle East Oil Hedge Report", which summarizes our analysis on daily prices, futures prices, swaps, latest important news, economic calendar, market watch summary, as well as technical analysis with our analyst comments.

  • Balancing physical positions using different types of papers
  • Daily report of physical and paper positions
  • Consulting on sale price and volume depending on market and the positions
  • Minimizing paper positions by trying to hedge physically
  • Using crack spread and calendar spread in hedging
  • Keeping record and updating both physical and paper positions

|About Us

Based in Dubai, PetrolBeat.com helps petroleum traders manage and hedge their risk of trade.

|Oil Traders Words

Combination Hedging

A risk management strategy that uses a combination of hedges using different derivative instruments. For example straight run fueloil may be hedged by a certain combination of Brent futures and gasoil paper (futures or swaps).


Contracts for differences, basically a crude paper swap based on short time periods, a week. Price is crude dated related. Tool to hedge crude and lock in a small timing difference. CFD timings are available as from 1 week after dated crude up to 6 weeks after dated crude. After those six weeks the market uses Brent futures for hedging purposes. With a CFD as hedging tool one can also hedge a couple of cents result when you buy on 5 days pricing window and sell on a 3 day pricing window in a backwardated market. So every cent counts in trading crude and again ‘time is money'.

Rolling Position

When a physical position is hedged with futures and that position will stay for a longer time then obviously the futures being used to hedge might expire in the futures market. As the meaning of the futures position was to hedge the physical position, one needs to liquidate the prompt futures position and take a new futures position based on the forward months contract. By this the physical position is still hedged but now with another futures month contract. The futures hedge has been rolling from one to the other month. Traders like to role from one month to the other at highest spread in contango markets and at minimum spreads in backwardated markets.

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