About Us

Based in Dubai, PetrolBeat.com helps petroleum traders manage and hedge their risk of trade.

For the past decade we have been helping many oil traders use derivative markets to hedge against price risk. We also provide industry news, from the heart of Dubai, which will help take out commercial and political risks.

We have been publishing the daily flagship report, "Middle East Oil Hedge Report", which summarizes our analysis on daily prices, futures prices, swaps, latest important news, economic calendar, market watch summary, as well as technical analysis with our analyst comments.

  • Balancing physical positions using different types of papers
  • Daily report of physical and paper positions
  • Consulting on sale price and volume depending on market and the positions
  • Minimizing paper positions by trying to hedge physically
  • Using crack spread and calendar spread in hedging
  • Keeping record and updating both physical and paper positions

  • Contacts

    Tel: +1 (917) 677 2116

    Web: Our Contacts Pages

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