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Middle East Oil Hedge Report is PetrolBeat.com's daily analysis of petroleum prices and hedging in the market with a Middle Eastern focus

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    When was your report last updated?
    The report is compiled by our analysts and delivered to our subscribers every day

    Who handles the payment on your website?
    Your credit card and all payment issues are handled by our US payment provider BlueSnap Inc.

    What payment methods do you accept?
    The recommended and fastest method would be paying by Credit Card. (If you are not comfortable with paying online you can call BlueSnap Inc. and pay via phone or fax as well). PayPal is also accepted. Bank wire transfers are also accepted, although they take a couple of days to process.

    How does your 7-Days Free Trial work?
    You will enter your payment details, but you won't be charged. You will receive our report for the next 7 days free of charge. If the report doesn't match your needs, you can cancel during the trial period.

    Can I see a sample before downloading the report?
    A sample of the report is provided for you at the end of the current page.

    Your report is great but my needs are unique. Do you provide hedging advice?
    Yes. Our advisors has been helping oil traders for the past decade hedge their positions. Contact us with your details and we will get back to you.

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